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Having Paul Motorca from MPR Management in my life and company is a true blessing. His ideas about how a business should work make me feel safe and helped Dr. Rey grow so much. Since Paul started managing Dr. Rey I can honestly say that I found freedom. My mind is free now to only think about how to become a better psychotherapist and not about finances, money, etc.

I truly admire his love for technology and Mother Earth and his vision of bringing them together for a greater good.

What I like the most about Paul is that he is so open and a true visionary. I come to him with all kind of ideas of new exercises, for example, and he always has ways of bringing them to life. I respect the fact that he lets me be myself and he shapes his ideas in my beliefs.

Since Paul is managing Dr. Rey, our office seems to be in a distant future. It is full of the newest gadgets that help all the clients feel better in a shorter time than before. Moreover, we all feel really spoiled now because Paul’s motto is quality over quantity.

Superheroes do exist.
Paul from MPR Management is one of them.
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