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I have been doing coaching with Paul for more than a year now, and the fields that he helps me with are my business, my evolution as a professional and the areas that connect to this in my personal life, like my schedule, motivation, goals and plans.

I appreciate very much his patient nature and also how he is able to objectively analyze the situation without any judgement towards me or my actions, even if my decisions were not always the best. He is able to put himself in my shoes (how I think, how I am, my history of decisions) and then he gives me advice from this point of view. This is extremely helpful, he understands my unicity and therefore his advice was easy to implement in my life because they were adapted to my nature and my way of doing things.

I believe one general recipe that fits all does not exist, and Paul is adapting his coaching to every unique personality and for me this is the highest value from all the coaching I have done until now.

The second unique advantage that I see while working with Paul is that he has a big knowledge of human behavior and how the human mind works. Therefore he helps me override my limiting beliefs, my self sabotage and second he is teaching me skills on how to manage people, negotiate, create good relationships with collaborators and actually how to work with human nature not against it.

The third strong point that Paul has is his incredible memory. He remembers almost everything due to his high IQ, and he has in his memory a lot of information on the history of the world, political events, geography, law and international business scenes. This is an expertise that he is using whenever I need advice on my future, how to plan a new business, how to plan my life. I feel it’s like a computer that takes into consideration hundreds of variables and then shows me the risks and the advantages for my possible solutions.

And also, the fact that he knows several cultures and political scenes was helpful to me as I was able to finally understand why people I worked with think so different from me and how to adjust my communications to reach them.

I have done many improvements in my professional and personal life since I have done coaching with him. He helped me organize myself and not be overwhelmed by all the decisions I had to make, and therefore I became more efficient in my work. He taught me how to successfully move from Romania to Switzerland, a new country and how to adapt there without having a culture shock. He taught me skills on how to manage my international team as a manager of a dental clinic in Geneva and how to build a motivated and positive team spirit. I believe I evolved so much as a team manager and it was all due to Paul and the coaching with him.

In the present he is supporting me on my new journey as an entrepreneur, while I have launched my own business. He helps me see things clearly and objectively, he reveals to me the limitations I put on myself and after every session with him I am full of motivation, I leave behind the fears and take perseverant steps towards my goals.

Thank you so much Paul! Your support is invaluable to me, I believe every person that wants to evolve in their personal and professional life should work with you!

Superheroes do exist.
Paul from MPR Management is one of them.
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