Teodora Motorca

COO at Smile Design Boutique

The collaboration with MPR management was extremely professional. We have managed, guided by Paul Motorca, to create a complete and complex annual financial control report, and we are in the process of developing a general cash flow report and a forecast one for the coming years.

These tools have made it easier for us to make decisions, the correct allocation of budgets and overall a strategy better adapted to the company and the market in Geneva and internationally, given that we receive patients from around the world.

Within the HR department Paul Motorca created professional profiles for each employee, as well as guided the development of Job Descriptions for each position. He was the one who provided professional feedback on the interviews and the profile of each candidate in the interview, thus giving us an objective basis for making the decision on choosing the right person for us. I hired 8 employees with Paul and conducted over 100 professional job interviews together.

We thank them for their continued support and we are pleased that we will develop wonderful projects together in the future. We recommend Paul to any company that wants to improve its financial and HR structure.

Superheroes do exist.
Paul from MPR Management is one of them.
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