MPR Management

Perfect is possible!

In March 2019 I quit my job and I started the project MPR Management.

I like to call MPR Management a project because it is more than a company, is my way of life, and I want to influence the way people understand living in their profession and accepting who they are as employees or business owners.

In this project I invested all my experience from fields like Management or Sales, I have a bachelor’s degree in Law and Psychology and a master’s degree in Psychology, I also have a degree in Profiling, and experience in Behavior Analysis, Verbal Analysis, Private Investigating, Forensic and Politics.

From all these various fields in which I gained experience some values have emerged, values such as high morality, justice and equity for all, personal and professional integrity for me and my collaborators, the specific perfection of each person and each business, respect for self and respect for others, personal growth, professional development of people and companies, the stability and safety of all as employees or as business owners, and the idea that problems do not exist, just solutions.

Here at MPR Management I work with solutions, and I get things done right.