Teodora Motorca

I am the brand coach that is helping people and businesses create their unique brand that feels amazing for them and brings positive change in the world.

I believe each of us is unique and this is our power. I also believe that a strong personalized brand is the fundament to a striving business. Through my online program “Create your unique brand” I support people and teams to discover their unique advantages, their mission, their vision and then create a congruent brand concept and brand strategy that will be the basis for all future marketing communication and will attract the right clients for them.

The people that I collaborated with say that I care, I get involved and I am passionate about what I do, and also that I energize them and offer them a clear path and perspective on branding.

I love branding and I love getting people into action to create amazing concepts. My 8 year experience in branding, business development and marketing strategy, working with international teams is what enables me to see the global image of a business and how the brand connects to all it’s aspects.

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