Cami Motorca

Hi! I am Cami and I’m a psychotherapist.

I have my own practice “Cami Motorca Psychotherapy” and before that, I had “Dr. Rey”. Here, at “Cami Motorca Psychotherapy” I have online therapy session for depression, anxiety, couples therapy, etc. and also created 2 psychotherapeutic programs: The Boost Your Self-Esteem Program and The Losing Weight Program (The Path to Your True Self). Now, I also write books with exercises about the use of virtual-reality in psychotherapy and develop guided-meditations.

At my former brand, “Dr. Rey”, I did psychotherapy in an amazing office full of technology. It was heavenly! I also helped children with special needs through amazing robots and gadgets that facilitated they recovery.

At both my brands, Paul was my manager. He is a genius. He is always oriented towards humanity and nature and helped me introduce technology in my work and also looked for ways to never harm our Mother Earth.

What I like the most at him is that he never sees problems, only solutions. He is open and you can reach him when you can’t figure out something or you want something new or something more. He also helps me feel safe, as in I never get anxious or think about money and finances. He is like a Superman! He handles everything!

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