The mission

The mission of MPR Management is to guide your business, you as a business owner, or you as an employee to your own perfection in your professional life or in your business. The purpose is so you can satisfy your wishes and live your dreams, and I do all this using the MPR’s way.

MPR Management

Perfect is possible!

My beliefs are that in life anything can be perfect if you accept your own unicity as a person. The slogan of MPR Management is “perfect is possible” and all that you have to do is accept yourself. This is what MPR Management does here, this is the MPR’s way.

I guide you to discover and understand what is your perfection as an employee, or as a business owner. I take that perfection and implement it in your life or in your business.

For this to take place you need to understand that a general perfectness is not possible, and what is perfect for someone might not be perfect for you. Let’s find your perfect together whatever and wherever that might be.

Let’s begin the MPR's way

Problems do not exist, I work with solutions, and I get things done right.

Perfect is possible!

This is my slogan, I can and we will find your perfect, as long as you can accept that you are unique, and you have unique desires, unique wishes and a unique way of life.

Personalized prices

MPR Management has everything personalized, even the prices, here I don’t take an hourly fee, we personalize the prices just for your program, and based on your needs.

MPR Management

I, Paul Motorca, have integrated my mision and my values in the MPR Management project. I like to call MPR Management a project because it is more than a company, is my way of life, and I want to influence the way people understand living in their profession and accepting who they are as employees or business owners.

Complete and complex solutions

The solutions that are offered are for you and for you only, they are not taken “copy paste” from a book or a program, I develop your solutions just for you based on your desires and based on how you want your professional life to look like as an employee.
If you are a business owner then I develop your program based on what you want your business to do, how you want your business to look like or how you want your business life to look like.

What I do

You arrived at the types of services we offer, maybe you thought that I offer all kinds of services, five maybe ten types of services. But no, I am doing everything so personalized that the offer is built from just three types of services, The Analysis,  Business Management and Life Management. All of my services are personalized on the matter at hand.

MPR Management

Perfect is possible!

My mission is to guide my clients to their own perfection, in accordance with their needs and dreams. This mission has been shaped over the years by assisting and consulting people so they can make the right decisions for them or their business.

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How I get things done right

My mission is to guide my clients to their own perfection, in accordance with their needs and dreams.


Gathering data

The first meeting, and getting to know each other, and getting to know the MPR’s way, is the first step, this is offered to you free of charge.



The personalized plan of getting things done right, for you or for your business, this is the second step of the MPR’s way.



The implementation of the plan, and actually getting things done right, is the third step in the MPR’s way.



The results are imminent because they are proof that the MPR’s way works.

MPR Management

The MPR’s way

The target is the plan, the solution is the way, and if one way doesn’t work I change the solution, but I always get things done right for you, and we complete the plan together.

This is the principle that guides me to perfection, this is the way that I can give what the client wants, no more no less, just a hand crafted solution that fits like a glove for the needs and the dreams of the client. 

The key is to know what you want, and that what you want is what you need, and that what you need is what can please and make you happy. If you know this, the rest is easy, if you don’t know this then we will discover it together.

Free Analysis

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